LCL cargoes

LCl cargoes (Less than container load) - are the type of cargoes the volume of which are less that container load. That’s why it is better to consolidate such cargoes and send in one container.  It may help you to shortage charges   for delivery.

Donnell Co. Ltd delivers LCL from China, Taiwan, South Korea and other countries of South-East Asia. The scope of work with LCL is the same as with FCL.

Work process with LCL

  1. You provide all necessary information about your cargo. Also we concern the terms of delivery you needed.
  2. We make the most favorable logistic schemes of delivery for you (sea/truck).  If you have very little party of cargo, we have special hot offer for this. If you cargo is less than 100kg and the volume is less than 2m3, we can propose two variants of delivery. The first one: the consolidation of cargoes in one container and deliver it by sea. Another one: consolidation of cargo in Haerbin warehouse and deliver it by truck to Russia. When we accept your cargo in warehouse we re-weight it, make all necessary marks and prepare all documents for export customs clearance. You will get your cargo after customs clearance in Russia in any place you needed.



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